Understanding your Fitzpatrick skin type

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a) What is the Fitzpatrick skin typing scale?

You’ll often see a skin type by number being referred to throughout this website. The system used is called the Fitzpatrick skin typing. It’s a common method used to distinguish skin and predict how they will react to specific aesthetic treatments. It’s

Not something of great importance to know on a personal level, but it can be interesting to learn how your skin may be categorised.

The Fitzpatrick scale is a numeric scale from 1 to 6 that classifies skin type based on their depth of pigmentation and their response to ultraviolet light in respect of how long it takes to burn/tan.

It is a vital guide to be used in relation to a skin’s post-inflammatory reaction and in particular their susceptibility to skin cancers, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and hypertrophic scarring.

Fitzpatrick skin typing scale chart - skintherapy.uk

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b) How does my skin type affect my aesthetic treatment options?


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c) Suitable treatment options for my skin type


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