Combining Laser Hair Removal and Electrolysis

Laser hair removal and electrolysis -

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a) When is laser hair removal better?

Laser hair removal is the best choice for hair reduction in large areas. A significant portion of hair is treated in a single pulse therefore treatment is quick, lasting only a few minutes. The treatment is cost-effective with only 6-12 treatments required for satisfactory results.

Laser hair removal aims to destroy the hair at the root. Shaving cuts hair at skin surface lasting only a few days. Waxing or plucking techniques yanks the hair from the root without real damage and so a new hair will quickly regrow in its place. Laser is designed to last several months to years. The regrowth we see is typically new hair stimulated by hormones, medication or medical conditions.

Laser hair removal is great choice for hair removal on the face. This hair is typically coarse and responds well to Nd:YAG which targets the blood supply to the follicle inhibiting it’s regrowth.

If excess hair is of concern or we simply wish to be hair free; Laser hair removal is an ideal starting point. It doesn’t compare to manual hair removal and is superior to IPL.

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b) When is electrolysis hair removal better?

Electrolysis is the optimal choice for smaller areas. It’s also the choice of many transgender individuals. Like laser, it aims to destroy hair at the root. Laser treatments are prone to regrowth due to stimulation, electrolysis is permanent. This means the destroyed hair will not grow back.

Electrolysis is a good choice when laser is not. It’s great for persistent hair that remains after recommended rounds of laser. If we can commit to electrolysis and able to afford the ongoing treatments that can run into several 100 hours, we may choose electrolysis exclusively. Many will receive laser hair removal first. Others will argue electrolysis works out cheaper because once the hair is gone it’s gone.

Electrolysis is great and it works. It really boils don’t to how your skin reacts, your tolerance as well as your patience and where you want the treatment.

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c) When does combining laser hair removal treatments with electrolysis work?

These 2 systems are best in combination to achieve total body smoothness. We begin with laser to targets large areas cost-effectively. Once complete, we may have stubborn hairs that persistent, we can target those with electrolysis.

What we mustn’t do is receive laser and electrolysis at the same time. Hair needs to be growing and intact for electrolysis to work. Hair must be present at the root for laser to target. Furthermore, you may only need one type of treatment and so not only will you be comprising the other system, you could end up paying more money than you actually need to.

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